Stouts & Porters

Stouts and Porters

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"Stout" was traditionally the generic term used for the strongest or stoutest porters that a brewery produced. In the past, these beers were sold under names such as "Stout Porter,” a term was eventually shortened to just "Stout".

A stout is a dark beer, ranging from dark brown to pitch black, that results from a combination of roasted barley or roasted malt, hops, water and yeast. Many stouts have a dry character and all feature a roasted flavor that can range from burnt to coffee to chocolate. There are many types of stouts, including milk stout and imperial stout, with the most common variation being the dry stout. 

A porter is a dark beer style that was developed in London from well-hopped beers made from brown malt. American Porters are similar to English Porters, but can be highly hopped, may use smoked malts, coffee or chocolate, or can be barrel aged in Bourbon or whiskey barrels. Porters have a moderate hop bitterness and their color ranges from brown to black.

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