• Fliquor Bean coffee whiskey 750ml
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Fliquor Bean coffee whiskey 750ml

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Fliquor Bean coffee whiskey 750ml 

Coffee Infused Whiskey


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 Fliquor Bean was born out of necessity. Pouring whiskey into coffee for our everyday pick-us-up just wasn't cutting it so we took to the kitchen. What we found was that the water used to brew coffee was tasteless and irrelevant. So, we kicked water out the kitchen and began experimenting with various brewing techniques, coffees and whiskeys. After enduring the highly demanding task of taste testing each eye widening batch, we found the perfect match.

The idea of coffee infused whiskey was born in a multi purpose warehouse on the edge of Chinatown in Los Angeles. After a long day of toil behind a TV camera, Fliquor Bean creator Jerry DeFazio, found himself at a friend's DIY venue on his third coffee whiskey of the night.

DeFazio had been pouring whiskey in his coffee to get through the long grueling hours watching the same bad lines delivered numerous times. After speaking with a barista he knew at the venue, he started experimenting with the idea of brewing coffee with whiskey, instead of water. With the help of a local coffee shop in the area and other people's interest in the idea, DeFazio knew he was onto something.

When the TV show he was working for was cancelled he found himself laid off and hunting around the west coast in search of the best whiskey profile for Fliquor Bean. It took months of searching before he came across Bowen's Whiskey in Bakersfield, CA. The sweet smoky flavor was exactly what Fliquor Bean was looking for.

Starting an alcohol company is a long and grueling process. DeFazio had no background in the industry but with the encouragement of everyone who tried Fliquor Bean, he decided the idea was important to bring to the public. “There are endless possibilities for brew methods and types of whiskey and I'd love to come out with different lines of coffee whiskey. Fliquor Bean was the obvious first choice."