Best Damn ONLINE Cellar Sale II Wednesday August 31st 9:00AM PST

Best Damn ONLINE Cellar Sale II Wednesday August 31st 9:00AM PST

First and foremost, Best Damn Beer Shop would like to thank our San Diego locals and our Online community for all the years of support. We've been here since the start and our plans are to expand our every growing selection and services to you all. Please keep in mind that is our first ONLINE cellar sale, usually it's an in store sale that goes very smooth. We will closely monitor the site during the sale so you DO NOT HAVE TO MESSAGE US ABOUT HICK UPS. 

We know some of the beers are higher then normal retail.  If you have a problem with it, DO NOT PURCHASE BEER FROM US. We do not want to see your rant online about a beer that's over priced. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to purchase anything. 

RULES: MUST PURCHASE MINIMUM OF 6 Bottles for Shipping or Pick-UP
SAN DIEGO LOCALS: Minimum of 6 bottles + or your beers will be restocked. During checkout, choose the option to "PICK UP IN STORE DOWNTOWN LOCATION" you have a month to pick up your beer. Allow 7-10 for pick ups
SHIPPING PURCHASES: MINIMUM of 6 bottles + to make your transaction valid. Your beers will be restocked with 4% fee if you purchase less. Allow 7-10 before shipment will go out.

Purchasing TIPS: our current system is set up where you can loose whats in your cart during checkout if someone that has the same item and checks out before you. WE KNOW THIS SUCKS. We at the moment cannot change this so deal with it. I suggest you crack open a coffee stout just to calm your nerves. 

GOING LIVE 9:00AM PST 08/31/16

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